New In My Closet: The sequel

I can't believe my luck lately!
Seriously, I couldn't even imagine that I would be so lucky.
Most of the things you will see in today's post are the gifts of a second giveaway I won.
This was definitely my month!
Recently I was the winner of a giveaway hosted by Carla from The Sweetest Over The Moon.
The prizes were 2 bags for 2 winners and I got a beautiful satchel in silver.
In my surprise Carla sent me the gift with some extra things.
I have to admit that she was more than generous to me.
One of my latest purchases has just arrived.
A lovely Asos dress in burgundy that I spotted on sales.
Also check out my first interview for Womens Personal Finance blog.
You can read more here.
So what do you think???

Fashionably yours,

Carla's note to me