Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Shows
by Patti Nash of GrandmaSaidSew

Shop Local! Support Your 2012 HandmadeMN Artists!
Saturday, November 17, 2012, 10am-5pm 
The Soap Factory 
514 Second St SE Minneapolis MN 55414 

Anna Tere Designs 
Handmade utility aprons, phone charging docks, iPad cases, needle books, boy bow ties  

Caddie Jo Designs 
children's raincoats, hats, bibs, aprons, skirts, dresses 

Key Candles 
Handmade Beeswax and Soy Candles  

Kibbles 'N Knits 
Jewelry and home decor using vintage fabrics and other textiles 

Light Reading 

Oak Tree Arts 
Wood Stuff & More  

tote bags, makeup bags, kindle cases, iPad cases, coin purses  

redshoes26 design 
Minnesota Icon illustrations, greeting cards, and paper jewelry  

Tiny Hands 

Super Cute Scented Food Jewelry 

Sweet Bee Honey & Crafts, LLC

'Gifts from the Hive'

Monster coin purse and bike bags

Hudson Holiday Boutique  
Saturday, December 1, 2012 9am - 4pm 
Hudson High School 
1501 Vine Street Hudson, WI 54016 

Rivertown Glass 
jewelry and hair accessories 

Oak View Elementary 20th Annual Craft Show
Saturday, December 1, 2012
9 AM - 3 PM
6710 East Fish Lake Road, Maple Grove, MN 55369

Party Girl Artwork
Hand painted ceramic plates, platters, servingware, home decor, and paintings.

Gifts in the Gallery
Dec.5-19, 2012
Bloomington Art Theatre and Art Center
Bloomington, MN
Cindy Lindgren
my illustrations on cards, prints and fabric
First Friday Holiday Bazaar
December 7th 5-10pm, Dec 8th 10-6pm
Master Framers, St. Paul, MN
Cindy Lindgren
my illustrations on cards, prints and fabric

No Coast Craft-o-Rama 
Dec. 7-8 (3-8 p.m., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.) 
Midtown Global Market Minneapolis
Caddie Jo Designs
children's raincoats and accessories, dresses & skirts

Cindy Lindgren
my illustrations on cards, prints, fabric and rugs

Anna Tere Designs
Handmade utility aprons, phone charging docks, iPad cases, needle books, boy bow ties

Monster coin purse and bike bags

Gifts for The Holidays
Satruday, December 8, 2012
9 AM - 3 PM
4800 Douglas Drive, Crystal, MN 55429

Party Girl Artwork
Hand painted ceramic plates, platters, servingware, home decor, and paintings.


Holiday Boutique
 Dec. 8th from 10 am to 2 pm
Lynnhurst Community Center
Minneapolis MN
LyricCol Design
Handmade Jewelry

Minnesota Women's Art Festival  
December 15, 2012 (10 to 5) 
Midtown YWCA (2121 E. Lake Street, Minneapolis) 

Arty Didact 
Recycled book arts, booklets and zines, drawings, note cards, calendars, games and kits  

Cindy Lindgren
my illustrations on cards, prints, fabric and rugs

Deeder the Beader 
Beaded ornaments, home decor, rosaries, wine charms and items made with paper beads 

Mary Foster Creative
Flower photography prints, cards, tote bags, pendants, crocheted accessories 

Handmade tote bags, makeup bags, ereader cases, ipad cases, coin purses

XO Handworks 
handmade soldered map pendants & Scrabble letter gifts  

Monster coin purse and bike bags


HandmadeMN Fun Friday Finds ~ Kickin' It Old School

We're kickin' it old school with these Minnesota-made creations. It's that time again! The kids are going back to school, learning new skills and making new friends. Not everything has to be brand new. Vintage and retro are fun too. Please visit this treasury featuring Minnesota artists on Etsy. 

The mediocre teacher tells. 
The good teacher explains. 
The superior teacher demonstrates. 
The great teacher inspires.

William Arthur Ward


Diving Deep

Okay, so I've got my new edits letter back from the lovely F, my editor, so I'm ready to dive deep into the next draft of Boundless. Only one big change this time, so hopefully we'll be in production soon.

And school just started, for me and my son. And I am writing the scenes for my short story, which is due soon, while my students are doing their writing exercises. Yes, I have reached that point where I may draft almost an entire story IN CLASS. I love the idea. I have 6 scenes to go. It tells you how tired I already am that 6 scenes seems like a lot.

I'm officially overwhelmed. I am keeping the metaphorical paper bag close by, just in case I need to breathe into it for a while.

So I don't have a lot to blog about currently, because blogging will take up time I don't have, but instead of my own post I thought I might offer you this, which is an interview I did that's up this week on the Starry Eyed Revue. I talk about my writing life, Boundless, my favorite characters, and a little bit about my new projects. I am also offering a signed copy of Hallowed for their giveaway and two little swag packs, so be sure to enter the contest while you are there.

Here it is! Enjoy.

I'll be back next time I come up for air.


As I have told you previously, I recently was the winner of an amazing giveaway.
So what's the best way to celebrate this with my fashionistas???
Thanks to Chicnova I am giving a $30 coupon to a lucky winner!!!

All you have to do is:
1. Follow Fashion For Life on GFC
2. Follow Chicnova on Facebook or Pinterest or Tumblr
3. Add your favorite Chicnova products on your Wishlist in your account on any of your websites: Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr.
4. Leave a comment sending your Wishlist link.

The giveaway ends on September 4th.

Fashionaby yours,


It has been a tough week.  I lost a friend today to cancer.

The final days were long, and hard. On my friend, on her family, and on all who cared for and loved her.  Finally, she is free of the prison of her body; and whether she is in the arms of God, or sweet oblivion, she is free of pain.

And we are free to grieve.


HandmadeMN Giveaway ~ MinneBITES

By Mara Olden of Dragonfly Adornments

Congratulations to our latest giveaway winner! Thanks to all who entered and we wish you good luck with this week's giveaway!

This week's giveaway is from Mary of
MinneBITES and is giving away this Tie Dyed Blue Shark Bite  pencil case/zipper pouch.
Mary created this cute but ferocious shark pencil case/zipper pouch. He has plenty of personality and is ready to eat up all of your favorite pencils and pens. He'll make school fun if you let him devour your school supplies! And he'll bring a smile to your face if you allow him to chomp up all the odds and ends in your bag or backpack.

This shark is well-constructed with 100% cotton fabric. The body is a beautiful batik with a purplish-blue tie-dyed look. He has a sturdy black 5” chunky metal zipper, and securely sewn in black fins and tail. He is completely interfaced for shape and durability and fully lined with black fabric

Open US only.

Please make sure you include your email address
so we have a way to contact the winner!
How to Enter:
Visit MinneBITES, pick your favorite item and leave a comment on this post about it. (Scroll to bottom of post and click on Comments)  Don't forget to include your email address so we have a way to contact the winner!
For Bonus Entries:
Please leave each in a separate comment, as each comment is an entry (To qualify for extra entries you must do step one above).
1. Visit other HandmadeMN team members shops (listed in the sidebar here) and leave a comment(s) here with your favorite pieces.

2. Blog about this giveaway with a visible link back to this posting and comment here with a link to your post.

3. Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment(s) with a link to your tweet(s).

4. Follow our
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8. Contest ends Saturday, September 8th, at 12:00 noon Central. One winner will be chosen by Random.org.
Good luck!
HandmadeMN members are not eligible to win

Outfit post

This was such a fun weekend for me.
First good news came yesterday morning when I was informed that I am the winner of an amazing giveaway (you are going to see my prize soon).
Such an unexpected luck!
Then last night I had a great time with friends out.
Obviously I was wearing this outfit.
I just love nude colour. Can't resist to anything in this beautiful light pink shade.
I also wore my new colour block shoes from H&M.
The more I see them the more I am addicted to them.

Fashionably yours,

top: tally weijl
 skirt: tally weijl
 shoes: h&m
 sunglasses: sunglassesshop.com
 bag: random brand
 cuff: h&m
 earrings: tally weijl
 ring: oxette
 watch: asos

Neil Armstrong: 1930-2012

 photo courtesy NASA

Neil Armstrong; the first person to walk on a planet other than our own.  A Navy fighter pilot in the Korean War, an engineer, an astronaut, a professor, a father, a husband.  A man that every child of my generation watched in breathless wonder as he took those first steps on the moon, that hot July night in 1969.

He has inspired generations of children to dream beyond their horizons.  "Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon." - Paul Brandt

Godspeed, Neil Armstrong.

Finding The Perfect Shoe Style

Finding The Perfect Shoe Styles

Shoes are an important component of everybody's wardrobe; regardless of your age, gender or personal style. There are a range of styles to choose from, with everything from smart and sophisticated designs to more casual and contemporary varieties.

Finding the perfect shoe styles for your wardrobe relies on a thorough knowledge of your own tastes and the occasions at which you are likely to attend. Whilst weddings and milestone events may warrant the purchase of brand new shoes, more everyday occasions can often make do with what is already in your possession.

Trendy Trainers

Trainers have been revamped considerably since their first introduction to the fashion scene and as such have gone from being athletic-styled shoes to a fashion staple.

Those that wish to create a retro look can now don a modern take on an old classic with Converse shoes teamed with a suit or smart chinos. Coloured or leather-look footwear works particularly well with this style.

Trainers have been an important part of the hip-hop culture since the 1970's and have remained popular ever since. Many of today’s more renowned brands are heavily celebrity endorsed and as such today's generation are often more inclined to purchase sports shoes for everyday wear instead of saving them for a workout.

Super Sandals

Regardless of whether you’re male or female, the summer months are all about great sandals. For women, this shoe style is the height of casual elegance. Flat varieties offer comfort and freedom whilst heeled varieties are perfect for those who want to elongate their legs.

Men tend to embrace more practical styles, seeing the sandal or flip flop as an essential component of any beachwear outfit.

Brilliant Boots

One of the most versatile footwear options available, boots are just as at home in an office environment as they are on a night out. Worn by both men and women, boots are designed to provide comfort and practicality. Most boots are designed to provide additional warmth to their wearers during the winter months so they are a great way to ensure you have snug feet in even the coldest of weather.

When it comes to choosing the right style of boot, you’ve got plenty of options. Boots can be healed, flat, or wedged and you can choose between pointed toe, rounded toe or square toe. Whatever your style, you’ll find the perfect pair of boots to compliment your wardrobe.

The Cutting Room Floor

I'm back to the grindstone with Boundless, working on a new round of edits. And I'm preparing for my son's grand debut into kindergarten. And I'm prepping for two classes that I am teaching at Pepperdine, also starting next week: my Intro to Creative Writing class and a YA lit class that I've never taught before and therefore have a ton of extra prep work to do. And I am writing a short story for an anthology. I have a very long interview to write up. And reading a friend's manuscript. And a bunch of other stuff.

In other words, I just got really freaking busy.

So, in the midst of all this craziness, I am coming back to Boundless with the intent to cut at least 5,000 words. At least. Whole scenes are hitting the cutting room floor. Whole scenes, people!

Trimming an entire scene always hurts like a paper cut.

In the past, I've taken some consolation in the fact that the deleted scenes from my books can be made available in different ways. I can use them as exclusive content for the Young Adult Scavenger Hunt, which I do twice a year, and there are a few other sites where my cut stuff has ended up since Unearthly was published. It makes the cut sting a bit less, knowing that even though the scene wasn't good or important enough to make it into the book, that doesn't mean that nobody will ever see it. Deleted scenes are fun!

But here's what's bugging me today:

Hmm, where to begin? Okay. Here goes. I try not to read reviews. I am getting better at it, too, the not-reading-reviews thing, I mean. I hardly ever check Goodreads anymore, because I ultimately think that it's not good for me as an artist. If I read too many reviews I start thinking differently about my story, not for the sake of the art, but for the sake of people pleasing. I start having imaginary conversations with people I don't know at 2am, where I say to them, pleadingly, "Yes, yes, I know that it's a love triangle, technically, but really, if you'd just examine the entire thing more closely, you'd see that it's not a real love triangle. . ."

It makes me think about Daniel Radcliffe during an interview, when he was asked, "Do you read what people say about you?" and he immediately responded, "No. That way lies madness."

Yes. Reading your own reviews=madness. I get that. I try to resist the temptation. Most of the time.

So imagine me this morning, sitting down to chop away at my current manuscript. I work for a while. I check Twitter. I check my email. A Google alerts comes up, which alerts me to the fact that somebody has just reviewed Unearthly 2.1. Wha?????! I think. But no, mustn't read a review, I think. But what the heck is Unearthly 2.1?

I click the link. Yes, it's true. There is an Unearthly 2.1, a cut scene from Hallowed. 252 people have rated this scene, and something like 30 people have reviewed it.

My first thought is, Cool, 252 people have read my deleted scene!

My next thought is, Wow, there are about 20 people who really don't like this scene.

My next thought is, Oh come on, people. It's a DELETED scene. Which means it didn't make the cut. It wasn't good enough. Relax! There are real scenes, IN THE BOOK, so go read those.

And I'm back to having imaginary conversations with people I don't know.

Sigh. Well, that's why I avoid reading reviews, isn't it? I remind myself. No biggie. Except now, when I go back to work on my Boundless manuscript, I think, well, this scene has to go, but is it good enough to ever see the light of day? Because if I release this scene, it will probably get REVIEWED.

This makes me want to revise the scene I'm going to cut. Which is so not the point of cutting extraneous scenes. And so not a good use of my time.

And, ultimately, it makes me less likely to want to share my deleted scenes. I cut them because they weren't good enough. To cut them and then have people criticize them for not being good enough is a bit like pouring lemon juice in my paper cut.

Ouch. Ouch, I say.

Now, I also want to make a few things clear. Prepare for the disclaimer:

1. Goodreads is good. As an avid reader, I adore Goodreads. As an author, it kind of terrifies me, but that's okay. That's natural. As an author, I should be scared of Goodreads. But I am 100% glad Goodreads exists. In fact, I attribute Goodreads to a big part of Unearthly's success. To date Unearthly has 3,781 reviews (and over 25,000 ratings), so many of them good. People are talking about my books, and I am so grateful that there is a place like Goodreads where they can talk about my books.

2. I think people, on Goodreads and elsewhere, have an absolute right to their opinions, and should be able to write whatever they want in their reviews. Period. I have imaginary conversations with some of my negative reviewers, but never in a million years would I ever dream of actually communicating with the writer of a negative review. They deserve to be able to voice their opinions without being confronted by the authors or their friends. (I do, however, sometimes think wistfully about the old days when all the critics ran in the same social circles as the writers and occasionally Hemingway liked to quote a critic's bad review back to him at a party and then punch him in the face. There was a kind of accountability for what you said, back then, before the basic anonymity of the internet.)

3. I most likely will release more deleted scenes, not to worry, because my publisher thinks it's good publicity and because, at the end of the day, I still like those scenes, and it makes me happy to be able to share them with people who will get a kick out of reading them. Which leads me to. . .

4. Maybe I'm overreacting. I am willing to consider this possibility. Maybe this whole post is a kind of knee-jerk reaction to the surprise of being reviewed on something I didn't expect to be reviewed on.

So tell me, what do you think? Are reviews for deleted scenes a good thing? Do you think this practice will make authors more hesitant to release deleted scenes, or is it just another sign of the technological age we live in, that we get to see and judge all content, not just what makes it into the pages of a print book? What should become of all that extra stuff on the cutting room floor?