Fun Friday Finds: Gifts for Teens

By Sharon Parker
Arty Didact

Always one of the biggest challenges on everybody's gift list, aren't they? Teenagers, after all, have developed their own personal style (or conformed to the style of whatever tribe they've adopted).

You could resort to gift cards, of course. But do you really know what stores they like to shop at?

Alternative gift cards that don't equal an imposition would include iTunes (also applicable to myriad apps), or, even cooler than that, an Etsy gift card so they can shop unique and quirky handmade items online in the middle of the night when they should be studying. (Yeah! How cool is that?)

Gift cards or cash can be made a little more gifty by pairing them with a small journal or notebook, purse or pouch -- and you can find excellent and unique handmade versions of all those things on Etsy.

Try using HandmadeMN and, for example, "pouch," in the Etsy search bar and you'll come up with an excellent range of choices.

Or pair that local moniker with "notebook" for another batch of fine results.

And there's this hand-picked selection of truly excellent handmade teen-friendly items for your comfy window-shopping pleasure, courtesy yours truly.

Happy online shopping to all.

[click on the image to visit the treasury on Etsy, and link to each of the items from there]