To wear or not to wear?

For days they have been on my mind.
Most of them are my personal DON'TS.
Some of them are too provocative or boring for me but still not completely rejected. 
Nevertheless it seems that in fashion just like in the rest of the world there are things for every taste and style.
And this is something I respect.
So I decided to share them with you and read your opinions about them. 
Check out the following list and let me know what you think about it.
To wear or not to wear my little fashionistas???

Fashionably yours,

Matching Prints

A print obsession.
Same print tops and pants matched.
Would you wear the total print look???

Skulls on High Heels

Skulls have been in fashion the last 2 years.
Personally I still like them as a print.
We've seen them in all versions and of course also in shoes.
But high heels too?Really???


To be honest there are times that I kinda like this trend.
Leather jackets look cool with some sheepskin on the inside.
I totally hate them in shoes though.
So what do you think???


Yes I get it, they combine the coolness of high heels and the cosiness of flats.
But girls please they are so ugly!
Do you wear flatforms?


I realize that I might be one of the few (very few) that I don't own a pair of Uggs.
In my defence I would say that I don't find them feminine although I admit they are comfy and warm.
Still definitely not enough for me!

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