Inspirational style: Lana Del Rey

Today's inspiration comes from my beloved Lana Del Rey.
This has definitely been her year and even I that I was bored to death hearing singing the video games song I changed my mind about her.
Naturally one of the things that you get to love about her, besides her music and beauty, is her vintage style.
Most of her looks obviously remind us of the glorious 60's which was an era full of diverse trends.
Beauty queen style hair like Brigitte Bardot, long nails, sometimes pin up styled make up, conservative elegant cocktail dresses that remind us of Jackie Kennedy and glamorous white gowns and swimsuits just like Marilyn Monroe's, all these create the perfect retro 60's style that Lana seems to have adopted so well.
Some will find it hard to mix vintage with modern style and current trends in everyday life but if you feel that it suits you should go for it.
And if you need some tips check out Lana's looks and you won't be disappointed!
Enjoy and get inspired!!!

Fashionably yours,