Finding The Perfect Shoe Style

Finding The Perfect Shoe Styles

Shoes are an important component of everybody's wardrobe; regardless of your age, gender or personal style. There are a range of styles to choose from, with everything from smart and sophisticated designs to more casual and contemporary varieties.

Finding the perfect shoe styles for your wardrobe relies on a thorough knowledge of your own tastes and the occasions at which you are likely to attend. Whilst weddings and milestone events may warrant the purchase of brand new shoes, more everyday occasions can often make do with what is already in your possession.

Trendy Trainers

Trainers have been revamped considerably since their first introduction to the fashion scene and as such have gone from being athletic-styled shoes to a fashion staple.

Those that wish to create a retro look can now don a modern take on an old classic with Converse shoes teamed with a suit or smart chinos. Coloured or leather-look footwear works particularly well with this style.

Trainers have been an important part of the hip-hop culture since the 1970's and have remained popular ever since. Many of today’s more renowned brands are heavily celebrity endorsed and as such today's generation are often more inclined to purchase sports shoes for everyday wear instead of saving them for a workout.

Super Sandals

Regardless of whether you’re male or female, the summer months are all about great sandals. For women, this shoe style is the height of casual elegance. Flat varieties offer comfort and freedom whilst heeled varieties are perfect for those who want to elongate their legs.

Men tend to embrace more practical styles, seeing the sandal or flip flop as an essential component of any beachwear outfit.

Brilliant Boots

One of the most versatile footwear options available, boots are just as at home in an office environment as they are on a night out. Worn by both men and women, boots are designed to provide comfort and practicality. Most boots are designed to provide additional warmth to their wearers during the winter months so they are a great way to ensure you have snug feet in even the coldest of weather.

When it comes to choosing the right style of boot, you’ve got plenty of options. Boots can be healed, flat, or wedged and you can choose between pointed toe, rounded toe or square toe. Whatever your style, you’ll find the perfect pair of boots to compliment your wardrobe.