Adventures of a First Time Home Buyer!

Do you remember the movie 

First of all...I love this movie!

Chris Parker, the babysitter, goes into the job thinking it's gonna be a cake walk!
I mean, what possibly could go wrong with a simple babysitting job right?!?
Well, if you've seen the movie, you know anything and everything that 
COULD go wrong DOES go wrong...and then some!  
There are definitely surprises along the way...
some WTF? moments along the way...
and some sigh of relief moments along the way...
In the end, it all works out... you'll soon goes
The Adventures of a First Time Home Buyer!

 Now, I'll admit, we didn't do our homework!
We didn't think we would be ready to buy a home for at least a year, maybe two!
We were shocked...and very excited...when on New Years Eve, at a Sports Bar no less, our friend who just happens to be a loan officer for a local lender said...

"You guys could qualify NOW!"

 No Way!!!
 He couldn't be serious!
 Perhaps he's had a little too much to drink!?! we soon found out, he was very serious and not drunk {yet}!

And, now we are half way through the process...and boy what a process it is!

Are we the only First Time Home Buyers that have no clue what their doing?
Doubt it!
Could sharing my Adventures and what I've learned help a future First Time Home Buyer?
Couldn't hurt to at least put the info out there right?
I hope someone out there finds my new little series ~
The Adventures of a First Time Home Buyer!
~ helpful...or at least worth reading.

Part 1 ~ I don't have that kind of money!  Better get a loan!

Part 2 ~ Taking on a second spouse...your Realtor


Part 3 ~ Earnest?  What the heck is earnest?
Part 4 ~ I always thought I'd be a tourist in Paris...not in another persons home!

Part 5 ~ I'm gonna make em' an offer they can't refuse!

Part 6 ~ Inspector?  You mean, like Inspector Gadget?

Part 7 ~ The 11th is the perfect time for something BAD to happen!

and finally,  Part 8 ~ ARE WE THERE YET?

Stay tuned...