Adventures of a First Time Home Buyer! Part 2 - Taking on a second spouse...your Realtor

Welcome back to 
The Adventures of a First Time Home Buyer

Part 2 ~ Taking on a second spouse...your Realtor


Do you have any idea how many Realtors are out there?!? 
I don't either...but I'm guessing it's A LOT!
So how do you pick the right one?

First and foremost...
you deserve someone who is dedicated to representing you and your best interests
{see Advocate below}

Surprise #4...not ALL agents are in it for you!  

So find one that is in it for YOU!

We were lucky in this department {not that I haven't had my share of duds in the past}...
Our friend, the loan officer, highly recommended our agent after I expressed my dissatisfaction with the agent that stumbled onto my path...and let me just say, she totally kicks booty!!!

When choosing your agent you might want to take the following TOP TEN list into account!

Top Ten Traits of a Kick A Real Estate Agent 

Professional Real Estate agents take representation seriously. The process is not about the agent or their is all about YOU. They are there to represent your best interests! If you are a seller, your Listing Agent is under contract with you and will represent you accordingly.  A Buyer’s Agent are obligated to you and you alone. A great agent will be passionate about working for YOU as the buyer and will protect your best interests.

 A great agent has to be a knowledgeable agent. They understand local, state, and Federal laws. They are skilled with purchase & sale contracts and can explain all the loads and loads and load of forms and addendums you'll have to read and sign. And they know your area...the different cities, schools, etc. {Our agent made it very clear from the get go that this chick knew what she was talking about...I had full faith in her knowledge and capability immediately!}

Licensed real estate agents are held to a very high standard, The NAR Code of Ethics. Most agents strive to maintain these practices in their daily business.

Easily Accessible
 Great agents will make themselves available to their clients. This doesn’t mean that they have no life and you can call them 24/7 with your questions. But it does mean that they will make you feel as though you’re their only client! {Our agent has never once made me feel as though I'm not the most important client she's ever had!} 

 A good agent constantly communicates with their clients. This is critical for First Time Buyers. They can never have too much information and their questions are never ending {I should know...I had to write my questions down because I had WAY too many of them}.

Highly Recommended
 This is how we found our fantabulous agent!  I am forever in debt to our friend for recommending our agent.  She seriously saved out lives in this whole process.  All I can say is to ASK, ASK, ASK...EVERYONE if they have someone that they recommend.  If you don't know anyone that has bought a home recently and you need to find a realtor on your own, ask them to provide you with recent testimonials from past clients, including the client’s contact phone numbers or e-mail address. Fabulous agents will have no problem providing you with many referrals.

 A great agent is genuinely sensitive to your needs. They are patient and understanding. They recognize the emotions, fears, and anxieties that usually accompany a first-time home purchase. Their constant and confident assurances provide a much-needed anchor throughout the entire transaction.

Willing to educate
 A professional agent can never share too much information. This is especially true with Firstt Time Home Buyers. The first time you meet with your chosen agent; have them walk you through the home-buying transaction, step-by-step. 

Tech Savvy
 Does she text?  Does she use email?  GOOD!  Most of our stuff was done in this manner due to my work schedule, Boo~Bears work schedule, and her work schedule!

Continuing Education
 A great agent is committed to constantly learning new things. Many top agents have earned numerous designations such as Accredited Buyers Representative, or Graduate of Realtors Institute, or Certified Residential Specialist. These designations often indicate more experience, and greater degrees of knowledge.
Once you've found the one!
The agent for you!
The one that completes you, your spouse, and your home buying dream!
You'll find yourself making a commitment!
Yup...this is the first stage of 'the paperwork'...

It's called the
Buyer’s Agency Agreement

This contract accomplishes several purposes:
  • It empowers Your Agent to legally represent you in the purchasing process.
  • It demonstrates your commitment to your Agent.
  • It equally conveys Your Agent’s commitment to you, to serve your best interests.
Your agent should provide you with a copy of this contract and explain it to you completely. 

Your agent should then talk you through the entire home buying process, start to finish. 
This is the perfect time to ask as many questions as you can.  It may be overwhelming but it's necessary.
This is also the perfect time to be very clear with what you are looking for.  I knew I had a good agent when I realized that she actually listened to everything I said...EVERYTHING.  We were able to find our home after only looking at 10 houses.  #9 we made an offer on and later found out we couldn't live there...#10 was the one!  And, yes, I believe everything happens for a reason!
Now...onto the fun and frustrating and exhausting part!  TOURING Homes...

Oh wait...there's one more surprise!