Removing Spray Paint from Mirror {how to}

A few days ago I showed you how I tweaked a corner of my bedroom


Since then, I've had a few people ask me how I took my acid mirror from this

to this

So, I thought I would share this easy tute with you.  
First of all, you can find out how to make a mirror like this here 
{instead of using fabric as the backing, just spray paint it with your choice of color}.

Step 1 ~ Remove mirror from the frame.  Since the mirror was just hot glued in it was easy.  I used a scraper to get under the glue and it literally just peeled away.

Step 2 ~ Get some Goof Off!

This small bottle was only $2.97 at Wally World and I only used about half.

Squirt liquid over the spray paint and watch it bubble.  After a minute or so scrape the paint off.
{sorry, forgot to take a picture of the process}.

My main goal was to get the paint off the areas that showed through.  
As you can see, there is still plenty of yellow on the back.
{note - I did lift the mirror up a few times to make sure you couldn't see the yellow}
Step 3 ~ Spray paint with your new color.  Make sure the back is covered completely.

My poor grass gets the brunt of my spray paint abuse!

 Step 4 ~ Glue the mirror in your frame.  I put a thin layer of hot glue on the inside of the frame lip, then put the mirror in, then sealed the mirror in place with more hot glue.

Step 5 ~ Let dry.  
I let it sit in my kitchen for about an hour before I rehung it on my wall.

I am in love with this mirror...I want to marry it!

What do you think of the change?