Change is good...right?!?

This room was horrific...

This room was EPIC!

BUT...not everything in this room fits me and my Boo~Bear...
{trust me...this would be NO surprise to Mandi}

It's bright...and cheery...and contemporary{ish}
and while I like to think of myself as bright and cheery...
I'm definitely NOT contemporary
{My lovely MIL thinks I am, compared to her, and even she thinks this is too contemporary for me}

So I made some changes...
and while I understand that I may get some backlash for this, 
please understand this:

Mandi did a fabulous job with the whole revamp 
of my room, she is an amazing talent
she did it her way/style...which is AWESOME
{other than taking into account that the walls couldn't be stenciled green and white 
instead of gray and white because, alas,  I am a renter}
I don't like yellow...
I don't like brass...
and I was unsure of the construction of the closet doors...
I made these feelings known...well known
And the simple fact remains, this is MY master bedroom...
a haven for me and my love {thanks to Mandi I can now say this} SO I tweaked it!

 Remember this corner?


 Yes...the ever so LOVELY chair makeover!!!

GONE...and let me tell you why...

this yellow dresser 
{love the dresser - I bought it after all: used to be RED - but I hate yellow} 

was my sons 
{it was taken out of his room for the makeover}
I spent a few weeks looking for a replacement but couldn't find one he liked...he wanted HIS back...
and I'm a sucker for my babies so it's no longer in my room.

So...I needed a dresser...
and I just so happen to have two that I adore!

 So now this corner looks like this:

I kept the mirror, but removed the yellow...
and spray painted the back BLACK!

I decided to display 4 of the books Mandi left and 2 glass jars I was planning on using before I won the makeover...
just don't know what to put in them...yet!!

And I'm keeping the chair and the side table...
they are in storage until I buy a house and then you can bet your bottom dollar they'll find their way back into my room.

Remember these whimsical lamps...
I thought they were fun{ny} but once I started changing things up they just didn't Boo~ Bear HATED them
{said they looked like the figures were, well, taking a leak}

So...they are on their way to my little newlywed cousins house!
She LOVES them and they fit her style more!

I'm planning on replacing them with these

or some that look like them...but cheaper!

Alright...let the public lashing begin!