Nude (Radiohead)

Hello again lovely readers! After my arrival back home from vacation, I haven't been able to blog a lot cos my mind is still on a holiday (haha) but i'm trying to adjust to reality. Today Nick and I went to a local hotel's pool where we swimmed, sunbathed and had a drink. It was fantastic! But anyway, earlier we also went to our bank trying to get ourselves a paypal for purchases through internet. As a matter of fact few days ago I started searching my first online buys and as I was doing that I realized that what I should definitely get is something (anything!!!) in nude. It is the only colour that doesn't not exist in my summer weardrobe, just in my make up! I own lots of clothes in neutral and beige or camel shades but nothing in nude and the thing is that I absolutely adore this colour! So I started scrolling up and down for some inspirational photos and here they are. I hope you enjoy them too. What is ur opinion about nude? Do you own anything in this colour? Write me your suggestions. I wish you all a sunny, fun week with lots of nude purchases ;D!

Fashionably yours