Leighton Meester # 2

Lovely readers part 2 is finally here!!! Well for those who didn't read part 1, you can catch up here. The first one was focused on Leighton Meester's popular role, in Gossip Girl tv show, Blair Waldorf. Today's post is exclusively about her. She's my favourite young upcoming actress. I noticed her from the first GG episode and i absolutely loved her. 5 things that made me like her so much: great acting skills, lovely singer, beautifull face, brunette (most of the times-extra points for that!), wonderfull taste in fashion. Also I've already had enough with all these blond girls in Hollywood and I believe she's that someone different. I can't wait to see her in other things, particularly in movies. But since then, let's see why Leighton is a remarkable fashion icon. Below I posted some of the most beautifull close ups, outfits, magazine and street style photos of her. So my dearests fashion lovers what do you think??? Send me your thoughts! Kisses to everyone :)

Fashionably yours