Do you knit?

If you do, you are in luck!  I found this book in our public library and instantly fell in love with Fiona's dolls.  So much so, that I had to purchase her book (from Amazon ) even though I cannot knit a stitch :-)

There are nine dolls in all, ranging in size from just under 20 inches to just over 23  inches tall.  They have the most amazing faces, and you know how hard it is to create a pleasing face on crochet or knit fabric.  Fiona shows you a great way to do this, her instructions are simple and easy to follow.

The dolls have an extensive, removable wardrobe they can share (love that), cool hair, and great accessories.  What more can I say?

Oh yes, Fiona has a website, and has recently posted a free pattern for a 'chibi' girl; a petite knit girl that is way cute.  Check out  Fiona McDonald's blog here.

Normally I would say 'enjoy the crochet,' but instead I'll leave you with  'pick up those sticks!'