DIY Pendants from Paper & Washers - Version 1 {tutorial}

You'll need:

Paper, paper, paper!!!
When searching for your paper think '2 inches'...that's all your going to use.  Get paper that fits your style...your wardrobe.  And just keep in matter what you pick...these pendants are going to be ONE OF A KIND!

Three tips:

1. Metallic/shiny paper doesn't work that well

2. Paper textured with velvet and/or felt won't work either.

3.You don't have to limit yourself to scrapbook paper.  Wrapping paper works as well

TRUST ME ~ I've tried all three!

I'm going to make one (or two) pendants from each of the papers shown here.  As you can see, I've chosen a wide variety of papers...some of very whimsical and some are pretty straight forward.  You'll soon realize that anything goes...and the
possibilities are literally ENDLESS!


You'll also need:

2" Circle Punch or a pencil and a pair of small scissor
Mod Podge (LOVE this stuff)
Sponge brush to apply Modge Podge
EnviroTex Lite pour-on high gloss finish
Plastic cup and spoon (not shown)
Bails (shown below)
Jewelry glue (shown below)


1. Punch your paper.  I punch the paper with the punch upside down so I can see exactly what the pendant will look like.

Note - the washers are exactly 2" in diameter.  There are two different washers this size.  One has a smaller center hole and the other has a larger center hole.  Both will work but I prefer to use the washers with the smaller center hole (for this version).

Here are the six pendants I will be making.

2. Mod Podge the top of the washer - lightly. 

Note ~ Do the pendants one at a time.

3. Put paper on washer while Mod Podge is wet.  Press down.  Spread a very light layer of Mod Podge over the top of the paper.

4. Wait for Mod Podge to dry completely.  I give it about 15 minutes just to be safe.

5. Cover a cookie sheet with tin foil and place your pendants on it.  Do the next steps on the tin foil. This will help protect your counter/table/workspace from the EnviroTex in case you spill which I do every time!

6. Now comes the EnviroTex.  You must measure out an equal part of each liquid.  I have found that if I measure out a capful of each I can get about 10-12 pendants done.  Pour each capful in a paper/plastic cup and mix with a plastic spoon. 


7. Spoon/scoop small amounts of the mixture on to each pendant (again, do one at a time).  Spread the mixture around until there is an even coating.  I usually have a work lamp over my space so I can see better.

8.  Once the EnviroTex is spread lightly blow on the pendant.  This will pop any bubbles that form.

9.  Wait to dry.  This will take 24-48 hours (another reason why I put them on the cookie sheet...much easier to move around if needed).

10.  Attach bail to the back of pendant with Jewelry Metal Glue and let dry.  I let these dry for 24 hours. 

And there you have it...easy, inexpensive one-of-a-kind pendants! 
The hardest part is just waiting for the stuff to dry!