Minnesota Purse-onality

Minnesota has lots of personality and character!

As the 12th largest state, it has over 5 million residents,  metropolitan areas, small rural communities, and its famous 10,000 lakes along with forests and wilderness areas. 

Did you know that the word Minnesota means "sky-tinted water" and, other than Alaska, it is the northern most state in the US?

And to no surprise to those of us who live here, we endure (yes endure) cold winters and hot summers.  Since the record high is around 114 F and the record low is around -60 F, that means our temperature could fluctuate 174 degrees in any given year!  Our weather brings us sunshine, rain, snow, blizzards, thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, and high-velocity straight-line winds.   No wonder we have personality and character!!  (See  Wikipedia for more Minnesota details.)

While Minnesota has personality and character, it also has "purse-onality" and our HandmadeMN team members create some of the best!

And what is "purse-onality" you ask?  Purse-onality is the transformation of cotton and other fabric, wool yarn, burlap, oilcoth, vinyl,  inner tubes and other medium into purses, totes, wallets and bags of all sorts.  Here are some colorful ones that display plenty of character and plenty of personality!!

Have you ever heard of Dirty Hippie Bags?  Well, the bags consist of a front pocket but no zip or button closures.  They are to be worn across the chest and on the shoulder.  Koli0 has several Dirty Hippie Bags available in her shop.

And have you seen the totes that ShaggyBaggy creates from repurposed burlap coffee sacks?

Another shop that brings plenty of character and personality to her purses is AnnPrintz.  Ann's bags are hand knitted, felted, and then beautifully accessorized.

One of the most colorful and amazing transformations is that of recycled bicycle inner tubes into adorable and oh so cute coin purses.  Each has their own quirky personality that has been bestowed upon them by shop owner Trigo.

And who doesn't like pink polka dots on black?  This vinyl fabric has been transformed into a mini-wallet that is perfect for credit cards, paper money, and business cards.   It is available from non other  than myself, RitasCreationsOnETSY.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the character and personalities of these purses, wallets, and coin purses!  There are many more available from HandmadeMN.  When in ETSY, simply search on "HandmadeMN bags purses" to get a complete listing.