DIY Stamped Tile Coasters {tutorial}

You'll need:
4x4 inch tiles
Large stamp
Felt pads
Clear acrylic coating


1. Wipe tiles down with a damp cloth.  Let dry.

2. Turn tiles over and attach one felt pad to each corner of the tile.

3. Ink stamp.  Be sure that every line/detail is covered with ink.

4. Press tile one by one onto stamp.  Press firmly and make sure your tile doesn't move around.  You may need to re-ink your stamp after each tile.  Let ink dry completely.  I let mine sit for approximately 1 hour.

5. In a well ventilated area, spray the tiles with clear acrylic coating.  Make sure it is moisture-resistant.  This will prevent the ink from running if moisture touches it.  Dries in minutes but I suggest letting the tiles sit for a few hours.  **Yes, I've tested this.  I placed a glass of ice cold water on one of the tiles for 3 hours.  The glass was dripping with moisture and my tile was completely undamaged.**


These make a fabulous gift and take very little time to make.