Here is a GREAT idea!

The wonderfully talented Joyce has adapted an old Fibre Craft pattern for the original Free Spirit doll. Isn't her Scarlet absolutely wonderful in this outfit! And best of all, it is crocheted with worsted weight yarn :-)

Fibre Craft published skads of patterns for their 13", 14", and 15" plastic dolls in the 1990's, as well as for their air freshener dolls and Cindy (the mini Free Spirit prototype).

Joyce recommends using a size F hook (instead of G) and a soft worsted weight yarn (Caron Simply Soft). Other soft yarn choices would include Red Heart Soft and Bernat Satin. The bodice fit as is; the skirt needed to be shortened some (Free Spirit is 12 inches tall, these dolls were generally taller). The hat needed a couple more rounds to fit Free Spirit's larger head. Check the fit as you go; getting the bodice to fit is the most important part. Thank-you so much Joyce, for such a great idea; your doll is beautiful!

Need some patterns? Here is a great site listing free bed doll patterns, some are Fibre Craft and some are other very talented women making available their patterns:

The link was a little cranky, a couple times it came back and said it couldn't find the page. Persevere! It is there. Most of the patterns have pictures, but a few did not. There were a couple dead links, but most of the links are good.

Enjoy a whole new vista of outfits for your Free Spirit doll. And, Joyce says the air freshener doll patterns fit Mini Free Spirit, with similar modifications :-)

So many patterns, so little time!