Simple knit jacket for Little Darling Jennifer

Jennifer has a new wig, thanks to my dear friend Tomi :-)  And she is sporting a new dress and knit jacket.  The pattern for the jacket is here:

Little Darling Knit Jacket

This is the simplest of knit pieces, just rectangles for the body of the jacket and the sleeves.  I used a mid weight sport yarn, so it worked up a bit bulky, like a jacket.  Use a slightly finer yarn and this would look more like a sweater.

Her dress is adapted from a crochet Bleuette design; you can find it here:

Simple Bleuette Dresses

 I added six rows to the bodice (it is worked side to side) for a better fit, and altered the armhole row accordingly.  The bodice is easy, and the dress makes up quickly with the fabric skirt.

Have a lovely day, and maybe consider making something special on Black Friday, and let the shopping mania pass you by this year :-)