Hoodies Mania by Clothingloves.com

One of the things I love in winter is the warmness of my oversized hoodies.
We have to admit it hoodies are basics when it comes to athletic style and comfy clothing.
You know the ones we use at the gym or the early monday mornings going to classes or even when all we want to do is stay home and relax.
Plus they give you that extra coolness that every casual outfit needs in order to make you stand out.
While I was searching online I found the best hoodies on my favorite webstore Clothingloves.com which you can find on the wholesale womens clothing section in amazingly low prices.
I was actually so inspired from their lookbooks that I made some casual occasions looks for you to check out.
I always had the impression that men look better in hoodies bun when following the right steps girls can look fantastic too.
Doing these sets I realized that it doesn't take to much effort to create an outfit like that but you need to pick the right pieces that make you feel comfortable but also stylish. 
So what do you think of the looks???
I am sure that even the ones who are not exactly fans of hoodies will love them!!!
Have a great weekend everybody!

P.s All the hoodies in the looks are from Clothingloves.com

Fashionably yours,