Heads Up!

I've been wanting to play around with faces on dolls, so I made up several heads to work with.  For me, on crochet, the simplest faces seem to work the best.  I wasn't real happy with the face on the peach head (the one with the dark red curls) so I picked out the embroidery and reworked it.

Don't be afraid to rework your doll; they are really quite patient and both of you will be happier :-)

All of the heads were crocheted with Vanna's Choice yarn with the exception of the peach complexion, which is Red Heart Classic in light peach.

I worked up the dark toffee colored doll first, as a little cat girl with Lionbrand Fun Fur for hair.  She has furry underwear that her tail is attached to, and little ears peeking out of her shaggy hair.  I love this rich colored skin tone, and gave her gold eyes, the better to see in the dark :-)

This is Mehitabel.  If you recognize the name, can you tell me who her best friend is? 

Here is the pattern for her simple knit sweater.