DIY Mummy Costume

DIY Mummy Costume 
Some of you will remember this from last year.
This is a repost as my original tutorial was somehow removed!

Scary eh?!?

DIVA wanted to be a MUMMY...this MUMMY to be exact...

But there was no way I was going to pay close to $75 for a child's costume!

So, I bought some cheesecloth and some white twin sheets {on clearance}...
had the tights and turtleneck already...
and I dyed them with black tea {tutorial for that HERE}!

Now they look OLD!!!  Well...sorta! 

I also bought some light tan tulle!

Now here comes the most time consuming part....cut the sheets {us the snip & tear method}, the cheesecloth and the tulle into 3 inch strips.

And make yourself a MUMMY TUTU!
I followed my tutu tutorial!  You can find that HERE!

I then hand stitched strips onto the front of the turtleneck.
{ONLY THE FRONT! Or the shirt will have no stretch!}

Tie some strips around a messy hairdo...add a strip scarf and some black boots
and she's officially MUMMIFIED!


and she LOVES IT!!!

Now, every girl needs a matching handbag...even a mummy!!!


Stay tuned for DIVA's 2012 costume... 
my version of it anyways!