Strange colour blue (Madrugada)

The first time that I saw this jumpsuit I was in fact out helping a friend to shop.
The minute I wore it I knew it was made for me.
So I guess it was fate!!!
This colour is the most beautiful shade of blue I have ever chosen without any doubt.
Oh I just adore it!
That little pink bag is a gift from my boyfriend.
I was so excited about it!
Plus I just bought the most wonderful things from h&m but we'll have time for them.
Soon I will show you more.
So what are your latest purchases???
Sending you all my love and hope for a fun summer!

Fashionably yours,

jumpsuit: noobass
bag: migato
sandals: firenze shoes
sunglasses: asos
necklace: h&m
bracelets: sprider
ring: asos