Shine Accessories- Be Special Everyday

One of my personal motos about style and fashion is that 'a look without accessories is nothing'. My passion for accessories and in particular jewelry is endless. Without a doubt they are the final but very important touches for a uniquely styled outfit. Recently I discovered a new (at least for me) accessories brand, Shine Accessories which has absolutely stolen my heart. It was one of the greatest online discoveries I have made lately because I finally found a brand which products matched perfectly with my style and taste. Naturally I wanted to share with you from the very first moment my latest Shine obsessions. So here are some of my top choices.

You can find a lot more if you just take a look on their online store and believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety and the prices. You can also find them on facebook here, pinterest here and twitter here where by following them you can catch up on their latest updates and not only! I haven't told you the most exciting news from Shine Accessories yet! If you are a fan/follower you can get fabulous gifts from their new activities. Once a month there's a giveaway called 'Chain of Love' where you have the chance to win a free gift following a few simple steps (find out how here) and also there is the 'Create to Win' contest where you can win the jewelry you will use creating a set (click here for more details). So what are you waiting for fashionistas? Go on and give luck a chance to happen!!! 

Fashionably yours,