Larry and I were riding our bicycles in the park a few days ago, and I saw the cutest little girl, on her way to the library (which shares space in our local park).  Her skin was the color of dark chocolate, and her hair was braided into two French braid pigtails.  She was about five, so someone took a loving amount of time to carefully braid the hair of an active and no doubt fidgety little girl :-)

I really wanted to capture this child in a doll!  My creative muse has been on an extended vacation, and I've been a bit aimless without it.  Seeing this child was the spark I've been waiting for, apparently.  That, and a look through Joyce's (that's Dutzie to those of you in the Flickrverse) Lily dolls.  She has taken this free pattern offered by Lily Sugar&Cream and created the most wonderful crochet dolls.  Take a look here:

Joyce's Lily Doll photostream

Thus Kenya was born, from a child glimpsed in the park and the inspiration of a friend.  Kenya has a jointed head, based on this tutorial:

Simple Move-able Neck Jointing

And knee joints based on this tutorial by Joyce:

Ball Jointed Arms and Legs

The basic body is from the Lily Sugar&Cream site, which requires you to register, but this is free.

Lily Sugar&Cream

Kenya is a nice size, just under 12 inches tall, and the Lily site has a number of outfits for this doll, crocheted from Lily Sugar&Cream cotton yarn.  I used Vanna's Choice in chocolate for the doll, and Sugar&Cream for her dress and sweater.

You can see what a sweet handful she is, and how pose-able :-)

Enjoy the day, and enjoy the crochet!