Every little thing she does is magic (The Police) #1

Dramatic changes in style and looks are most women's greatest hesitation.
Ocassionally, we all try new things but fear doesn't let us go as far as we could or wanted.
A new skirt that we would never even think to wear, a new hair style shorter than the older, dying our hair blond although we kept swearing that we would live forever as brunettes are the most common.
But these things cannot be compared to a whole make over.
Rules and limits are meant to be broken by the most daring.
And Rihanna is the one.
She is the queen of changes, the absolute star of metamorphosis, the fashion chameleon
As the time passed by she kept experimenting with herself as much as possible.
Her first look has nothing to do with the very last, and none of them with any other as well.
As I was looking through her photos online, I discovered numerous outfits that I wanted to share with you.
So many that there is going to be a second post.

Enjoy and get inspired.

Fashionably yours,