Qui qu'a vu Coco?

Gabrielle ''Coco'' Bonheur Chanel was not just another French designer. She was a genius! But not because she intentionally created one of the most glamorous and popular fashion brands but because she succeded in incorporating her personal style and ideas, her own way of life into the name CHANEL. There is no wonder why she was declared one of the most important persons of the 20th century. Her influence in the world of fashion was and still is vast. Amongst her modernist innovations were the jersey chanel suit, the little black dress, the total black look, the costume jewelry, the unisex style, the casual look, the Chanel No5 perfume, the tweed jacket, the ethnic style and many others which have become the items and styles that marked the house of Chanel and conclude the basics of any womans wardrobe. Coco was also known for her love for simplicity, elegance and femininity and her words have inspired lots of generations of fashionable women. Today's post is dedicated to her and her flawless style.


Fashionably yours,