Making My Porch Perty...

Do you have a Perty Porch?

Well, I didn't!  
Let me take that wasn't necessarily ugly...just nothing special about it!

Except for maybe my cute bunny...

Well, it just so happens that Better Homes & Gardens featured an article called
the exact same day I was pondering sprucing up my entrance a little...

"Give your front porch a personality. Consider architecturally 
appropriate brackets, spandrels, and corbels, too. 
And don't forget to check out your porch ceiling; perhaps 
new beaded board is in order. Add a ceiling fan for an 
extra measure of timeless ambiance."

I also found an article titled Make a Better First Impression
"Make your home's front entrance an inviting focal point: 
Add a few well-chosen and nicely arranged container plants 
on either side of the front door or near the entry. 
Vary the plant and container sizes and arrange 
containers on multiple levels."

Okay...Step 1: Give my porch some personality and make a better first impression!

By adding some simple potted plants...

I think I did just that!

I found the pots at Lowe's for $29.97 each!


A little spendy but the color and texture goes with my house amazingly!

I added some 'yard art' I already had...'s a start, right?!?

My next steps will be to change this...

{why they chose this one for the front porch is beyond me}

to a fixture that matches the lights on the front of my house...

as suggested here!

Simple, somewhat inexpensive and the start to a beautiful patio...