I hate everything about you (Three Days Grace)

Do you remember when back in the 90's people used to walk around wearing belt bags??? Oh yes those ugly little bags on their waists that came in all colours. Well, I admit it, I hate these things. They definitely belong to my 'hate list' and although I am a very open minded person and have changed my mind about many fashion trends, this is one I would happily refuse to have for the rest of my life. In a parallel universe if Marc Jacobs had designed them for Louis Vuitton and he was gifting me one, I would throw it back in his face. Sorry Marc there's nothing personal ;)  I always thought that this horrible type of bag or purse (even purse, for style's sake!!!) appeared in the early 90's and stayed there. But reality failed me once again when I saw Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City wearing them at least twice.

Disappointing proof #1
The saddest part is that some of my favorite brands decided to include them in their spring 2012 looks. 

                               DKNY                                                       Emporio Armani

                       Emporio Armani                                                  Emporio Armani

                              Givenchy                                                        Michael Kors

                             Michael Kors                                                    Michael Kors

Oh Donna WHY???

Do you hate belt bags too???
Which is the thing you hate the most and would never wear???
I'd love to know yours, so write me all about them.

Fashionably yours,