Hard Boiled or Hard Baked? I say BAKE EM!

The EGG...

A symbol of the start of new life...at least for the sake of Easter

Something I've done more times than I can count!

But this year, I've been seeing a lot about BAKING your eggs instead.


Really?  Who came up with that?


But I was determined to try it anyways...so I did!

Take your eggs {I obviously have A LOT}

Place them directly on your oven rack
Bake at 325 degrees for 30 minutes
Remove eggs with tongs

{and yes, the brown spots are normal and will wash off}

And place in ice cold water {as you would after boiling}

Peel and serve...

or in our case...dye, hide, find, then peel and eat!

Click HERE to see how you can get vibrant eggs like these!

Gotta say...I'm impressed.  Perfect eggs without worrying about boiling over!