I want it all (Depeche Mode)

It seems that cold days are over ( let's hope this will last ) and the need for some spring shopping for essentials is getting bigger. Today I wanted to share with you my wish list, which is actually made of all my wanted basics. In some mysterious way, I never get to purchase these kind of things every year and I end up wearing rather warmer clothing till mid spring. Though I would really enjoy spending a great amount of money on the latest s/s trends, I am always a bit skeptical about the right time for it. Anyway, my next purchases will surely contain some things ( if not all of them ) from this 'top 5 basics' list.

Check it out and write me all about your wish lists :)

Fashionably yours,


  • Anything in mint green

  • Satchel bag

  • Blazer


  • Oxford Shoes


  • Chain Jewellery