Since the day that I saw ''Crazy, Stupid, Love'', ''Drive'' and ''The help'' movies I have been having a major addiction to Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. They are, without a single doubt, the hottest actors in Hollywood right now. Although there are rumors about them being a couple nothing is official and you know how gossip starts when two actors make a film together, especially when they look so cute! But aside all these they are both talented and super sexy.

What can we say about Ryan?
Right after ''The notebook'', every woman on earth must be in love with this guy's amazing blue eyes. But on Blue Valentine he became the man of my dreams. He's the incarnation of the good guy who's by the way so hot!  
And Emma?
She is the cutest and most lovable young actress I’ve seen lately. And so much more beautiful as a redhead. I adore the way she talks, that lisp of hers is extremely sweet!
In today's post I have collected some of the most fashionable looks and photoshoots.

What’s your opinion about them???
Tell me all about it.

Fashionably yours,