MADONNA MIA!!! You're back!!!


It's today's hot news :) Madonna perfomed at last night's Super Bowl and everyone is talking about it! Well we saw the video with all that amazing dancers and the incredible stage which was continuously changing. That was great, what a show!!! And none could wait less from Madonna.

But what about our little fashion talk about her looks??? Personally, watching the video at first, I wasn't very impressed but as I looked through her photos I really liked them. Is it my idea or does this look like ancient greek style??? Gold, leather, silk creating a royal luxury styled by Ricardo Tisci of course! I liked it so much.

What I didn't like at all was her latest song 'Give me all your luvin' feat. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A. This song is so common and indifferent to my ears. It's pop, i know, but I expected more. Nevertheless, I have to say congrats for the video clip. It was fantastic, amazing production and another series of impressive outfits for queen M. In conclusion Madonna might have divided people's opinions about her song but she will always have that great quality when it comes to fashion.

And for those who haven't seen the video yet (you must be sooooo few!), enjoy it :D

So what do you think???
Did you like Madonna's come back?
Write me all about it.

Fashionably yours,