Flytt, another knitted Elf

Flytt is another knit doll from Fiona McDonald's book "Knitted Fairies."  Again, I've left off her wings and made her an Elf :-)  This time, I used the correct weight of yarn, and I'm much happier with the results.  The knit stitches are nice and tight, and allow stuffing the doll without spreading the stitches.

This is a great doll form, and it is so much fun to get creative with the faces.  I shaded her face with PrismaColor colored pencils dipped in water and applied very lightly.  I'm dreadful with a paintbrush; the pencil gives better control, and mixed with water gives a nice wash effect.

I made her arms and legs slightly wider (the legs are actually the pattern for the male Fairies).  I wrapped a pipecleaner with a thin layer of stuffing, and sewed up the limbs encasing the pipecleaner.  This gives her arms and legs a nice degree of pose-ability.

Fiona's books are wonderful instruction and inspiration for any dollmaker; enjoy!