Virginia, a knit Waldorf style doll

Please meet Virginia; a knit Waldorf style doll created as a commission.  She was so much fun to make, and create a little wardrobe for.  I learned a simple drop stitch knit pattern for her nightgown, played with a textured stitch for her cardigan sweater, and even tried a very simple lace pattern for the edge of her dress.

I have the pattern for her nightgown, bedjacket, and and shoes to share with you:

Here is the nightgown pattern.

Here is the bedjacket pattern.

And here is the shoe pattern.

You can also find these patterns on the left sidebar under 'Knit Waldorf Style Doll Patterns.' 

I encourage you, if you enjoy knitting these, to try the patterns with different knitting stitches, or even a simple lace pattern.  Two good books that I've checked out of the library for interesting, and simple, stitches are "Knitting Stitches Visual Encyclopedia,' and 'The Very Easy Guide to Lace Knitting.'

I hope you enjoy these patterns, and have a much fun as I have been having in learning a new needlework skill.