DIY Spool Knitter {tutorial}

I don't know how to knit!  
But recently I learned an easy and inexpensive way to knit a scarf....

First, you need a spool knitter.  
Now you could go buy one OR you could make one...out of an ice cream tub of all things!

Looks easy enough right?!? 
Well that's cause IT IS EASY...SUPER EASY!

First, you'll need the following:

A clean ice cream tub (you can use a whip cream tub as well), a marker, a measuring tape,
a razor blade - box cutter, and tape (not shown).

Start by taking off the handle and cutting off the bottom...

You could measure an inch off the bottom and then cut or if you are lucky like me, just cut where there's a decorative line.

At this point you will have a bottomless tub and possible a toothless DIVA looking through it!

Then, tape your measuring tape around the tub and start marking lines at 1 inch intervals...
Until your tub looks like this...

Remove your measuring tape.  Place it against the lines and extend them so they are all 1 inch in length.

It should look like you can see, mine is sloppy. 

Then simply draw a line at the base of every other line, squaring your sections off.

Then cut...CAREFULLY!!! 
And wipe off the marker so it doesn't wipe off on your yarn.

And have yourself a spool knitter.
1 - Try to make an even amount of pegs.
2 - You can do your measurements at whatever length you want.
3 - Sand/smooth edges before you start to knit.

Now...are y'all ready to get your knit on with me?!?
I'll be back in a few days to show you how to use this nifty tool!