The Adventures of Rosie the Elf...continued...

 I must say that my little DIVA has had an absolute BLAST trying to find Rosie every morning!  
I am so glad that we adopted this new family tradition.  It's been a fabulous way to bring some Christmas cheer and fun into our home! I highly recommend it!!!

Tuesday morning we found her chillin' in my KitchenAid Mixer

We were thinking that maybe she was thinking it was a teacup and she was going to go for a ride!

Wednesday morning we found her taking a nap in Barbie's mansion...

Must have been a very long trip to the North Pole and back!!

And this morning we found her covered in KISSES...

Apparently Rosie has quiet the sweet tooth!

I'm sure Rosie has some other great hiding spots/activities in mind...stay tuned to see what she does next!