Failed it or Nailed it? Lumps of Coal {recipe}

I'm a Pinterist addict...but I never really MAKE anything I pin!
Until now...

That's right...

I immediately knew that I absolutely HAD to make these for my co-workers!
{back story - I work for/with 25 Engineers - ALL MEN!}
I mean...they all deserve a little coal for Christmas!!!


Pretty sure I failed it...and you'll see why below!

I printed out the wonderfully cute FREE labels they provided...

...visit eighteen 25 HERE to get your own!

To make the coal, you'll need

1/4 cup butter
10.5 ounce bag of mini marshmallows
4 cups of Rice Krispie Cereal
Black Icing Color {I used Wilton}

Since it wasn't clear on the yield of this recipe, I doubled it {except for the food coloring}.
I ended up with 78 good sized pieces of coal.

Step 1: Melt butter on low and add marshmallows

Step 2:  Once this is melted add your black coloring.
{I added WAY too much...proof below!}


Step 3:  Add Rice Krispies until they are all covered with the black marshmallow mixture.

At this point, I called my family in and told them that this was Din-Din!
They didn't seem all that excited about it...humph!

Step 4: Take out small handfuls and mold into 'coal - like' shapes.

And there you have it...yummy in the tummy COAL!

Now...I must warn you of two things!

1 ~ You will get MESSY!!!

and 2 ~ These will turn your smile...well, BLACK!!!



But...I still finished!

Just place a few pieces in your bags {or whatever container you chose} and dress it up with ribbon and the super cute tags you printed earlier!

I can't wait to see what PINS I get to in 2012!