Cleaning your Make-Up Brushes {how to}

Do you clean your makeup brushes?


Cleaning your makeup brushes is very, very important!  
Not only will it prolong the life of your brush (or sponge) but it gets rid of all the bacteria and germs.  Makeup brushes collect makeup, oil, dead skin cells and bacteria on the face.  
The dirtier they get the nastier they become....YUCK!!!

I generally clean my brushes once a month {my foundation brush every 2 weeks}.
There are many recipes online for homemade cleaning fluid but I choose to use

First of all, MAC products are the bomb!!!  Secondly, most of my brushes are MAC!!!  
MAC brushes are a little pricey but I've learned that they last FOREVER so you won't be replacing every six months to a year like some other brushes.

Before I go any further, you should know that this is not a paid/sponsored post. 
This is just me sharing with you what brushes I use and how I choose to clean them.  
My love for MAC simply stems from my experiences with using it.

Okay...moving on...

Remember these eyes?

Here's a close-up in case you can't see how BLACK they truly are...

Well, I don't normally wear makeup this dark...and I don't like black blending with my lighter tones.  So when I was done with DIVA's face and some of my brushes looked like this...

I knew I had to clean them!

You need three simple things to sanitize your brushes...

1 ~ Dirty brushes...DUH!!
2 ~ Brush cleaner...Double DUH!!
3 ~ A towel/rag 
{make sure it's a towel or rag that you don't care about because it will get stained}

Step 1 ~ Saturate the brush with cleaner...

{be sure to keep the brush at an don't want to get cleaner up under the silver piece}

Then...clean your brush...

Please ignore the shaky camera and the little question half way through...DIVA was my helper :)

Repeat this process with all of your brushes.  
Be sure to reshape the brushes when done.  They will dry properly shaped if you do.

And voila...

Clean makeup brushes...dirty towel!

MUCH BETTER...don't you think?!?