The knitting lesson

Jane Ann, from a free knit pattern from Jean Greenhowe

When I was a kid, I asked an Aunt of mine to teach me to knit.  She tried, but gave up in exasperation, telling me it was 'just too hard for you to learn.'

Well, those words stayed with me for 45 years, until a good friend of mine, Tomi Jane, became interested (this is putting it mildly)  in Helen Kish's dolls, including the delightful knits that you talented knitters create for these sweet dolls.   I too have been in awe of tiny, perfectly knit sweaters, and yet felt this skill way beyond me.

Until now.  Tomi and I decided we would learn to knit.  This was suppose to be a New Years resolution, but I got the itch (to knit), and picked up 'Teach Yourself Visually: Knitting' from the library.   Cast on, knit, purl, increase and decrease.  All I needed to know to have a go at one of Jean Greenhowe's free doll patterns; another craving of mine.  I have loved her knit dolls for ages.  Now I have made one of my very own!

I am ecstatic with my little doll, well beyond just the making of a sweet doll.  Jane Ann is a symbol of empowerment.  We can do, we can learn, and we can create at any age.