Featured Shop ~ Laura Prentice

By Sara of Auntie B's Wax

I've always wished I could draw.  Of course I've never given it much practice so there isn't much chance of my learning to do it much less having a talent for it.  That's why I admire those who can.  Laura Wennstrom is one of those people.  Her artwork thought-provoking; I like to look at the details. See all of the intricacies in this drawing...

And Laura not only draws, she paints too.  I especially liked this one. 

I'm completely enamored with the linocut prints Laura makes, especially the birds on old maps.  There's just something really endearing about these pieces.

Also found in Laura's shop are journals, collages, and cards.  If you can't pick up an ink pen or pencil and draw things yourself, I suggest going to Laura's shop and picking up a little something there.  Fun, beautiful, and sometimes a little off-center ~ what more could you ask for from an artist?