Summer moved on (A-ha)

Fashion for life is back!!!!! My lovelies I've missed you all so much!
These past two months I have been terribly busy but now it's time to concentrate on the things I love the most. It's almost the end of September and many of you must have noticed that feeling of change. Summer's gone (not yet if you live in Greece, like me) but except for the good weather, there are other things that remind us the coming of the new season. And what is better than shopping to welcome autumn??? I am about to make my first online buy (I know! it's hard to make this step when you love trying out clothes etc) when I was thinking about the basic things that a girl needs for autumn? These few pieces that lead you from the summer wardrobe to a slightly warmer one. And here they are my essential buys for October:
  1. A blazer-preferably in dark shades of blue or black
  2. Skinny dark blue jeans
  3. High heel pumps-in nude or black for easier combinations
  4. A satchel-black or brown for classic chic looks
  5. Retro style sunglasses-in tortoise or black can both be wearable and fashionable
  6. A boyfriend style watch-rose gold is my fav one

What are your top 5 choices for this autumn???
Tell me all about the things you have in mind!!! Can't wait to read them and get some fresh ideas!
Also I want to announce you that next week I am going to host a jewellry GIVEAWAY in my blog made by a friend and also blogger, Anastasia. More details soon my dears! 
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Love you all, may we all have a great week.

Fashionably yours,