Two holes or three? S&P Shaker...

I recently bought a new pair of salt & pepper shakers 

 {yes, I realize they are yellow...I looked past the color because they were roosters}

and as I was about to fill them up I realized that 
I didn't really know which one the salt was supposed to go in 
{and therefor which one the pepper should go in}...

so, out of curiosity, I GOOGLE'D it...and found NO help!

I ended up with the salt in the 3-hole shaker and the pepper in the 2-hole shaker 
and THEN found this

First of all...HOLY SHAKERS Batman!

Secondly...I got it wrong

The answer to the #1 Question is:
The shaker with the least amount of holes is for Salt...
...and the shaker with more holes is for Pepper.
An easy way to remember is that salt is bad for you so you need less!
 Which of your shakers is your salt & pepper in?