Sundress and Rompers for Kate and Nell

From the basic camisole bodice, I made a pair of rompers for Kate (aka Riley) and a sundress for Nell (aka Tulah).   Simple trim for these outfits is a (slip stitch, chain 1) in unworked loops at the waist and across the top of the bodice.  Nell's dress has three rows of these worked at the bottom of the skirt.

You can embroider on single crochet fairly easily.  I made a single spider web rose on Kate's rompers, and surrounded it with lazy daisy leaves and some  French knots.

The socks are crocheted from size 12 perle, which is pretty fine (for me, anyway) to crochet with; but the pattern is a simple one, and I used light colored thread, which helps a bunch!

The sundress/rompers pattern is here:  Sundress/Rompers, and the socks are here:  SocksForRiley

One last picture I would like to share with you is from Ann, who made a set of underwear for her dear doll from the Riley camisole and pantaloons pattern.

 delightful crochet from Ann

Ann modified the bodice a bit to get a better fit.  She did a lovely job :-)

I hope you all enjoy the crochet!