Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin)

If there is one thing that I love in this life it sure is ROCK music. I am a huge rock fan, I gave my heart and soul to Jim Morrison (if he was alive I would give my house for a ticket to one of his concerts- soooooo true haha)!!! I adore classic, alternative, indie and garage rock. My most favourite bands are The Doors, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Radiohead, Interpol, 30 seconds to Mars, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Placebo and so many many many many more (and no time to count them all!!!). While I was listening to a few songs of LZ, I had an idea today. I made some sets to get inspirations for rock looks, Ι seriously need some cos I often attend to my bf's band concerts. You can see all of them above. So if you are rockers or not, send me your lovely thoughts about them! Kisses to all and don't forget to ROCK ON!!!

Fashionably yours