L'ombre et la lumiére (Coralie Clément)

My little fashion lovers, it's been a while since the last outfit post but good things take time! This weekend I had so much fun! I spend most of my free time with Nick and it was just like on our vacation. Sometime between our walks we went in this beautiful place nearby my town where we found a cool refuge from the heat of the day. Amazingly tall trees that are hundreds years old, rivers with ice cold waters, small waterfalls, and vast grass areas between high mountains where you can breathe the fresh air, walk, or do your jogging, have a picnic and enjoy nature's beauty and calming effects. We really like it there. I thought it was the greatest opportunity for some photos. As you can see we couldn't help playing a little bit with the light and the shadows in this place and obviously that's why some of the photos differ a lot. Personally I loved the result! I was wearing some of my most beloved summer clothing and accessories. So what do you think ??? Write me your thoughts dears! Also I'd like to tell you that a few days ago I added an online chat in my blog, so if you find me online we could talk some time!!! Kisses to all :)

Fashionably yours


jumpsuit (miss sixty), bag (thrifted), sandals (celebrity), scarf (fullah sugah), belt (tally weijl), sunglasses (hugo boss), jewelry (some gifted and some from mabo sensual fx)