Just can't get enough (Depeche Mode)

My dearests a new week has come but no outfit post for now. It's a busy week for my boyfriend/photographer (hehe, he loves it when I call him that way!) but I never run out of new ideas. This post is about the top 10 beautiful things (fashion trends and not only) I'm into right now and I really can't get enough. So here they are:

* Rings

* Maxi Skirts

* Braids

* Yellow nail polish

* Clutches

* Polka Dots

* Orange Lipstick

* Watches

* Stripes

* Sunglasses

What do you think my little fashion lovers??? Is there anything that you love too from my top 10 or that you would like to add??? Write me your opinions! I'd love to read them. 

Also I would like to share with you a blog award that I got from a fellow blogger. I usually don't repost about blog awards because if I did my posts would only be about them. But this one is really special. Anastasia from natbee's fashion and lifestyle gave to me the sweetest blog award.

 Now I have to give it to 15 bloggers and these would be: saintfolieg.i.s.vandamiss starshinymeaganmarellaVLM,caramellitsaLunaRaffaellaMHazeMirjamfashion.makeup.lifestyle, and Kashaya. I also have to write three things about me: my favourite 1) colour, 2) food and 3) place to visit. My answers are 1) coral, 2) pizza and 3) New York. So this all for today! Hope you all have a wonderful week like you imagine! Kisses to everyone!

Fashionably yours