It's truly EPIC

Have you seen MY ROOM yet?

I'm sure you remember the before right...?!?

Can you say UG-LY?!?

Not anymore....

TA - DA!!!

What do y'all think?

My favorite part of the room...

The's Large Endless Moorish Circles  
and it was SUPER EASY to use!
Mandi showed me how to use it and then handed me the roller...
I'd like to pat myself on the back right now for rockin' that stencil!
You know you'll be seeing more painting projects using these if I could only figure out a way to get
Melanie (owner of Royal Design Studio) to sponsor me too ;-)

My second favorite part of my new room is the headboard...

Remember what it used to look like? 

It was LOVE at first sight!

Boo~Bear put a lot of his time into making this headboard perfect for us and I will always cherish this piece.

My third favorite...the pallet art Mandi made for me...

MMVI is 2006...the year Boo~Bear and I were married!

I had a hard time with some of the color choices at first...mainly the yellow and the brass...poor Mandi hear me whinin' about it a lot!

But now I'm totally lovin' these...

And every time I see this...

I think of this...


I learned a lot with this room makeover

1 ~ How to use a stencil 
{but we've already established that}
2 ~ How to install Board & Batten
3 ~ How to cut in 
{I guess that's what it's called}
4 ~ How to use a Miter Saw
5 ~ How to build a headboard
6 ~ How to spray paint furniture properly
7 ~ How to paint a ceiling 
{my girl Katie and I did this at 1:00 AM one night}
8 ~ How to glaze furniture/frames
9 ~ How to make acid mirrors
{did you know Lowe's cuts mirrors?!?}
10 ~ How to properly thrift shop
{did you know that you can haggle the manager at the DI?}
11 ~ Letting go and thinking outside the box
{this was the hardest for me}
12 ~ Realizing that my body has limits and going to bed at 3 AM and waking up at 6 AM for 7 days is not ideal...but oh so worth it!

I have to give a shout out to not only Mandi, but my husband for putting up with the 'fiasco' and my mother for spending her weekend with me and helping me paint...and to my BFF Katie for the late night painting and taking time out of her day to help finish the closet doors.  And I can't forget to thank my kids...for putting up with my 'absence' and being on their best behavior {well...for the most part}.  Now I just need to get some R&R so I don't look like this anymore...

And don't you worry...
I'll let you know as soon as Mandi posts her tutorials!