Indian Summer (The Doors)

When I was a little girl I had a thing for Disney movies (who didn't????). My most favourite was and still is Pocahontas. Of course I was so into this movie because of the romance between her and John Smith, but also I adored her flawless appearance, her long hair, even the fringes on her clothes and the indian spirit full of love for nature. Lately, I remembered that movie when I noticed that there is a huge come back of the indian style in accessories (especially jewelry) concerning feathers, fringes, tribal fabrics and braids which they all became great trends. Personally I'm kind of experimenting with some of these, since I have a crush for feathers and braids in summer, in order to make a few changes in my style. For more successful results I checked out some photos to get inspired. They are all above for you to see them. So what do you think my lovelies??? Do you like indian style looks??? Send me your thoughts!!! I hope you are having a relaxing and fun weekend. Kisses to everyone!

Fashionably yours