Blue lines (Massive attack)

My dearests, it was a different day from all the others today. The heat is unbearable here these past two weeks, but this Thursday it was a bit windy and we enjoyed some cool breeze at last! I was out this noon trying to find a cool place and I ended up in a park where Nick thought it was a great chance for some photos. I just long to be in a beach again! Hopefully next week I will be visiting one of my best friends in Kavala, a city in northern Greece and I will be able to spend some time by the sea. Until then I will just have to count on my indispensable fan! See you soon lovely readers. Kisses to all!!!

Fashionably yours


top (juicy couture), shorts (pink woman), bag (sisley), shoes (tommy hilfiger), sunglasses (hugo boss), necklace and ring (alexi andriotti accessories), earrings (tally weijl)