Summer Romance (Incubus)

Dear fashion and summer lovers, finally the day has come for my covetable vacation. Nick and I have been waiting for this for weeks and we are extremely excited! 5 days on a beautiful greek island together. Hurray!!! Just before I leave bloggerland, I thought I should make a post about the summer that we all love so much. But when you think about summer what are the very first things that come to your mind??? Well, for me summer is:

Golden sand beaches
Colourful bikinis
Denim shorts
Flat sandals
Delicious cocktails
Fashionable sunglasses
Love and romance
Tanned bodies
Chocolate and vanilla ice creams
Car rides with friends

Exotic dream places
Walks in greek islands
Sun burning in my face all day

So what is summer for you??? Tell me all about your thoughts! Time is running out and my luggage have to be done soon. I promise I will come back with lots of summery photos, possitive energy and new inspirations. Kisses to all and have a great weekend!

Fashionably yours